Early Years

The objective of the teaching offered is to master skills in both languages ​​by taking advantage of the qualities and specificities of two systems.

The different teaching approaches and methods of our teachers allow our pupils to develop the adaptive and open-minded capacities necessary to approach the world of tomorrow.

Pupils are taught in French and in English, thanks to two teachers, one of whom is French speaking while the other is English speaking, and who work in close partnership in accordance with a specifically adapted calendar and curriculum.

The programme for Moyenne Section (Reception) and Grande Section (Year 1) is oral based, taking into consideration the relevant communication and language skills from the Early Years Foundation Stage and from the French National Curriculum.

In addition, certain objectives have been included to cater for a multilingual audience living on British soil. Phonics lessons in English are introduced in Moyenne Section (Reception) and Grande Section (Year 1) through a specific programme adapted from the English curriculum.

We are not required to comply with the English Early Years Foundation Stage requirements. Since 2012, we have received an exemption from having to meet these in the areas of teaching and learning from the Department for Education. This exemption has been renewed in 2021.

Whilst we have the same ultimate objectives, the English and French methodology of teaching and timescales for achieving certain levels of achievement are quite different. This has been recognised and accepted by both systems with excellent outcomes.


Moyenne Section (Reception) and Grande Section (Year 1) Art sessions are led by a dedicated French teacher.


All children have a weekly class of dance led by an experienced teacher who has graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance.

Pupils are taught physical expression through the use of their imagination and the teacher develops their sense of balance and co-ordination. During the year parents are invited to come and see a class.


From an early age we teach children to be aware of their bodies and to enjoy the pleasure of physical exercise both as individuals and as part of a team.

It is so important for them to play at a young age so as to expend their energies and to build their cardiovascular strength and their muscle systems.

We have a wide range of gymnastics and climbing equipment where pupils have an opportunity to take risks and develop their motor skills.