We are dedicated to maintaining the quality of our teaching during the pandemic through the engagement of our staff. Our priority is to offer the healthiest environment possible. We have installed high performance HyperHEPA air purification equipment (hospital standard) in all classrooms, gyms and canteens. These remove PM2.5 pollution particles, viruses (Covid) and bacteria from the air, reducing risk of infection.

During the lockdown periods we maintained effective on-line academic teaching to the degree that on their return to on-site schooling our pupils in the main had not slipped behind.

With the return to school in 2021 we have therefore been able to focus on helping our pupils to reintegrate into interactive life after a period of isolation and to put our emphasis on their regaining their interest in learning and in enjoying all school activities, both physical and mental. The physical health and mental well-being of our pupils has always been important to us, but more so than ever now.

We see increasing their own self-awareness and their awareness of how we all affect the world around us as a fundamental of their education process and in preparing them for the realities of our world today and tomorrow.