Our Values

School video presentation

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L’Ecole de Battersea aims to provide the best possible all-round education and care for the children in the school:

Academic Achievement – Our school encourages every child to make the best of his/her intellectual and linguistic potential.

Leisure – We aim to provide the experience of a wide range of activities so that children can discover an interest and a talent outside the classroom.

Culture – Our school seeks to develop in every pupil an appreciation of their Artistic and Cultural heritage.

Personal Development – L’Ecole de Battersea encourages every child to be thoughtful, sympathetic and tolerant of others while developing the self-confidence to express and defend ideas and opinions.

Moral Development – We expect every child to learn to behave in a socially acceptable manner both individually and as a member of a group.

Spiritual Development – L’Ecole de Battersea promotes spiritual awareness in a manner appropriate to all children aged 3-11.


Pastoral care is at the hearth of the school‘s ethos. We teach our pupils values of friendship, respect and love.

Our pupils’ wellbeing is as important as the academic achievements and both are dependent on each other. We believe that we can create a strong culture of care and community spirit.

The school regularly presents activities such as workshops or dedicated days to raise the awareness of understanding the importance of maintaining a balanced daily life.

We encourage all pupils to express themselves and to share in confidence any worries or concern they may have.

The school Pastoral care’s leader holds a weekly “drop-in session” where children can share any concerns or feelings they might have.

Furthermore each class holds a ‘sharing boxes’ where the pupils can deposit messages.

At L’Ecole de Battersea we have looked for the best solutions with the help of technology to reduce pollution and the risk of Covid-19 transmission between the pupils and the staff working in the school.