Primary Classes

All our teachers come from different backgrounds and are all qualified with either an English or French degree. Our multicultural staff brings a specific atmosphere that reflects our values. 

In all primary classes, the pupils have a large amount of English hours:

  • CP/Year 2 (6 yrs old) – 6 hours 55 min of English per week
  • CE1/Year 3 (7 yrs old) – 8 hours 40 min of English per week
  • CE2/Year 4 (8 yrs old) – 9 hours 40 min of English per week
  • CM1/Year 5 (9 yrs old) –  9 hours 40 min of English per week
  • CM2/Year 6 (10 yrs old) – 9 hours 40 min of English per week

Whilst academic attainment is still very important, our approach allows our pupils to develop into more sensitive, creative, and open-minded individuals.

At L’Ecole de Battersea, we offer Information Technology (IT) sessions to all pupils from Year 2 (CP) – Year 6 (CM2).

In addition to this, all classrooms are equipped with Interactive whiteboards and tablets available for use in classrooms as a tool to enhance and extend pupils learning in the digital age.

We follow the programmes of study as set out in the National Primary curriculum. The three aspects of the computing curriculum include Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy with a particular focus on E-safety.